Isotropic Systems to offer OneWeb compatible ultra low-cost terminals


Isotropic Systems, the next-generation satellite terminal provider, reports it will develop a OneWeb compatible Ultra Low-Cost Consumer Broadband terminal. OneWeb's constellation will have the highest throughput of any planned constellation and will support the most customers on its mission to bridge the digital divide.
This is a natural fit for Isotropic Systems' technology which can achieve the low price points needed to make the high speed, low-latency capabilities of OneWeb available to the world's unserved.
Isotropic Systems' transformational optical technology will produce the first low-cost, fully electronic tracking terminal, enabling broadband quality service to help OneWeb bridge the digital divide.
Isotropic Systems will build a high-throughput LEO terminal tailored to OneWeb's consumer broadband service requirements, within a price range that will make broadband service affordable to consumers. Isotropic Systems plans to release its first terminals in 2019, in time for OneWeb's entry into service.
"Studies continue to show that huge numbers of people do not have access to connectivity, and the consulting firm NSR estimates an addressable market at 472 million households worldwide from a user base of almost 3.5 billion unconnected," said John Finney, Founder and CEO of Isotropic Systems.
"We are working with OneWeb and its many technology investors to build seamless handover, ultra, low-cost satellite terminals.
Isotropic Systems' pioneering, fully scanning terminal will offer seamless handover and unlimited instantaneous bandwidth. Requiring just 10% of the power of conventional terminals, the Isotropic design is tailored to meet the specific gain performance over scan and price point specified by OneWeb.
"We are excited to have Isotropic Systems working with us on our mission to bridge the digital divide. The cost of access is still a major barrier for billions of people. Partners like Isotropic Systems are going to help make it possible for OneWeb to provide affordable, GDP adjusted broadband service to people around the world." said Greg Wyler, Founder and Executive Chairman of OneWeb.