The U.S. Army Needs Modernized Humvees

In future high-end conflicts, strategic mobility and tactical agility will be critical to U.S. Army operations. Based largely in the Continental United States, Army units will have to be moved by air and sea long distances to the theater of conflict. Once in theater, these units will have to be constantly on the move to avoid being subject to hostile fires. The Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, describes the challenge for operational and tactical maneuver this way:
With sensors everywhere, the probability of being seen is very high. And as always, if you can be seen, you will be hit. And you'll be hit fast, with precision or dumb munitions, but either way you'll be dead. So that means just to survive, our formations, whatever the wire diagram looks like, will likely have to be small. They will have to move constantly. They will have to aggregate and disaggregate rapidly. They'll have to employ every known technique of cover and concealment.