China joins Russia in development of rocket-launched reconnaissance UAV

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Russia’s Tecmash Research and Production Group has teamed up with China to continue carrying out experimental design to develop a reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is launched from inside a munition launched by the 9K58 Smerch multiple rocket system (MRS), Alexander Kochkin, the company’s deputy CEO, was quoted by the TASS news agency as saying on 30 March.
"Joint experimental design work with the Chinese side is under way," he said during the ArmHiTec-2018 defence exhibition in Armenia, adding that the co-operation “has been agreed with Russia’s Defence Ministry in accordance with the established procedure”.
According to TASS, MRS manufacturer Splav, a subsidiary of Tecmash, announced in February 2017 that it had developed a project “on its own initiative” to create a UAV that can be launched from inside a munition launched from the Smerch.