Israeli Ground Forces developing new offensive capabilities

  • The IDF Ground Forces is developing new doctrine and technology to enable it to rapidly advance into hostile territory
  • Unmanned sensor platforms and the networks that link them to commanders and weapons are key aspects
Various C4I systems are currently being developed for the Ground Forces, including the Shaked 'smartwatch' seen on the wrist of this officer.Photo by: Israel Defense Forces

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Ground Forces is developing ways to rapidly capture populated areas at the outset of a future conflict, its commander has said.
Speaking at the Fire, Maneuvering, and Intelligence Conference in Tel Aviv on 15 May, Major General Kobi Barak, chief of the Ground Forces, said the IDF is learning lessons from battles in other regional countries, but that operations such as the Iraqi one in Mosul could not serve as a model as Israel would be under significantly more time pressure.