Polaris Defense Dagor and MRZR D2 all-terrain vehicles at SOFEX 2018

Polaris Defense Dagor and MRZR D2 all-terrain vehicles at SOFEX 2018


American Company Polaris Government and Defense presents Dagor and MRZR D2 all-terrain vehicles at the International Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference SOFEX 2018. Polaris Government & Defense steadily develops a range of vehicles to serve the U.S. and allied forces, including the MVRS, MV700, and RZR-SW, to meet the increasing demand for light off-road mobility platforms.

Polaris Defense MRZR D2 all-terrain vehicle at SOFEX 2018 in Amman, Jordan. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The MRZR-D2 is the latest twin-seat turbo-diesel version in the series of MRZR off-road vehicles designed and manufactured by Polaris Government & Defense, a part of Polaris Industries. The vehicle was launched in October 2017.

The MRZR-D2 is equipped with a four-stroke turbo-cooled diesel engine, delivering more power than gas-powered engines in its class. The SOHC-type turbo-diesel engine features three cylinders and a mechanical fuel injection system. The fuel is supplied from a storage tank that has a capacity to hold 35.9l.

The engine of the MRZR-D2, which is coupled to an automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT), develops a maximum power output of 993cc. The MRZR-D2 is designed to offer unmatched versatility, off-road capability, tactical advantage, and easy deployability.

The MRZR-D2 all-terrain vehicle is designed to perform a full range of military missions, including rapid deployment of forces in the field, casualty evacuation, and command and control.

Polaris Defense Dagor all-terrain vehicle at SOFEX 2018 in Amman, Jordan. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The DAGOR ultra-light combat vehicle was launched by Polaris Government and Defense at the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting, in Washington, D.C., in October 2014.

The DAGOR has world-class capability in extreme off-road terrain at full payload. The purpose-built vehicle is designed with trophy truck-inspired suspension to carry 3,250 lbs (1,500 kg) of payload or a 9-man infantry squad at a higher rate of speed over terrain usually traveled on foot. This allows the warfighter to move quickly to the objective with mission-critical equipment.

DAGOR’s unique design allows for ease of operation, maintenance and sustainment in support of combat operations. The vehicle uses a readily available commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) driveline, controls and components streamlining mechanic and operator training. The diesel/JP8 COTS engine was selected for its combination of power, weight and size. The open design of the cargo bed maximizes loading space, flexibility and access for mission-essential equipment.

The vehicle curb weight is less than 2,040 kg to maximize aircraft operational range. The width of DAGOR allows rapid loading into the CH-47 Chinook platform without modification and the weight allows it to be sling loaded under the UH-60 Black Hawk. The vehicle has completed government durability testing and is certified for CH-47 Chinook Internal Air Transport (IAT), air drop, and UH-60 Black Hawk Sling Load.