Russia says it has deployed its Uran-9 robotic tank to Syria

Uran-9 Screenshot/YouTube via Russian Defense Ministry
Russia announced last week that it had deployed its Uran-9 robotic tank to Syria, according to Sputnik, a Russian state-owned media outlet.
The announcement came a few days before Russia showed off one of the Uran-9 tanks at the annual Victory Day Parade in Moscow's Red Square.
Sputnik reported last week that the Uran-9 "was tested in battles in Syria," where Russia has been advertising its latest weaponry and putting it into action in a seven-year conflict that has killed more than 400,000 people.
The National Interest, however, reported that it "remains unclear if the Uran-9 saw combat and where in Syria it was deployed," and Defense News questioned why it hasn't been seen in combat.
The Uran-9 is remote-controlled from a distance, and heavily armed with anti-tank missiles, rockets, a cannon and a machine gun.