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‘Stealth Sheet’ Makes People And Vehicles Invisible To Drones By Suppressing Infrared Light

The stealth sheet was created by researchers that hope it will be used in battle. As weapons become more sophisticated with the advances in technology, so do the countermeasures to weapons. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have invented the “stealth sheet,” which is a super thin sheet that can suppress infrared light. This can be used to mask people and vehicles that emit infrared light, which can normally be picked up by drones, heat-sensing night vision goggles, and infrared cameras, according to the Daily Mail. The stealth sheet is made out of a bendable silicon material, masks up to 94 percent of infrared light, and is only a millimeter wide. The co-author of the study, Hongrui Jiang, described the concept behind the invention. “You can intentionally deceive an infrared detector by presenting a false heat signature … It could conceal a tank by presenting what looks like a simply highway guardrail.” So far, the stealth sheet has been tested with a model of the hu…

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Kazakhstani firms unveil new Karakurt robotic combat vehicle

Kazakhstani public and private industry joined to create an armed robotic vehicle, the Karakurt, and unveiled it during the KADEX 2018 defence exhibition in Astana.
The tracked unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) was designed by Kazakhstani companies Robotron Aspandau and New Tech Distribution, with support from the Kazakhstan Engineering Research and Development Centre.
A Karakurt robotic vehicle prototype is shown during the KADEX 2018 exhibition fitted with an NSVT 12.7 mm heavy machine gun and two RPG-26I RPGs.Photo by: Miroslav Gyurosi
The companies started developing the Karakurt UGV in mid-2016, finalised the basic design at beginning of 2018, and started design trials before mid-year. According to Robotron Aspandau representatives, the designers plan to attend military user trials from August 2018 through the year’s end.
The prototype displayed during KADEX 2018 was fitted with a weapon station armed with an NSVT 12.7 mm heavy machine gun and 250 rounds, and two RPG-26I 'Aglen’ rocket-propelled grenade launchers.