US Army orders autonomy kits for large convoy resupply vehicles

Robotic Research has received a three-year contract to deliver autonomy kits for the US Army’s large convoy resupply vehicles as part of the Expedient Leader Follower (ExLF) programme.
Valued at $49.7m, the contract seeks to develop and integrate autonomy kits for the army’s additional vehicles such as the Oshkosh PLS A1s as part of efforts to extend the scope of the US Army’s automated technology programme Autonomous Ground Resupply (AGR).
The AGR technology, which is expected to become the de-facto autonomous architecture for future ground robotic vehicles, will provide the vehicles with the capability to operate unmanned, thereby freeing up soldiers. 
Robotic Research president Alberto Lacaze said: “We are deeply honoured to have been selected to perform this critical work for the US Army. The Robotic Research team shares the army’s commitment to rapidly fielding effective autonomy solutions to our nation’s soldiers.”
The ExLF programme is built on progress demonstrated during the Autonomous Mobility Applique Systems (AMAS) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) and AGR programmes.
Aimed at developing unmanned prototype systems to address the needs of the Leader Follower Directed Requirement and Program of Record, ExLF will equip the existing military ground vehicles with scalable autonomy technology and carry out an Operational Technical Demonstration (OTD).
Through the OTD, the ExLF programme will showcase the integration of modular kits, common interfaces and a scalable open architecture.
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