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Ukraine reveals new combat UGV

Ukranian firm Global Dynamics showcased a prototype 4×4 unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) called Ironclad at the Arms and Security exhibition held in Kiev from 9-12 October. The company first produced a prototype for the Ukranian armed forces in 2014 and has built two additional vehicles since. Ukraine's Global Dynamics is developing the 4×4 Ironclad unmanned ground vehicle.Photo by: Global Dynamics The Ironclad UGV weighs 1,100 kg and has been designed for missions such as reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA) and measures 2.57 m in length, 1.7 m in width, and 0.96 m in height The vehicle comprises two articulated units designed to improve manoeuvrability in confined environments. The front unit houses the weapon station, while the rear unit is a payload bay that can transport loads of up to 200 kg.

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