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DVD 2018: HIPPO ATSV gains autonomy

Concept design of the HIPPO UGV armed with a quad pack of MBDA Enforcer missiles on a Kongsberg remote weapon station. Source: Hippo Multipower Hippo Multipower displayed an autonomous variant of its amphibious HIPPO All Terrain Support Vehicle (ATSV) at Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) 2018, Millbrook, Bedfordshire, UK, fitted with a robotic applique kit. Hippo Multipower has teamed with Digital Concepts Engineering (DCE) to demonstrate the vehicle’s ability to operate remotely and with autonomous operation to the UK Minstry of Defence (MoD) through the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) Autonomous Last Mile Resupply (ALMR) project. The HIPPO ATSV is an eight-wheel-drive platform designed to reduce the load of dismounted soldiers, enabling them to operate further, faster, and longer. The vehicle is powered by a 1.5 litre, 45 hp diesel powerplant and is capable of carrying up to 750 kg of cargo on its rear deck, with a further 1,500 kg load when using a trailer. The HIPPO…

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