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13 Ways to Use AI in the Military

Groups and organizations lauding artificially intelligent solutions are popping up everywhere with promises to create the next battlefield advantage using next generation weapons, gear, or satellites. The term artificial intelligence (AI) splashes the headlines with promises that we're moments away from revolutionizing the battlefield.
As a former intelligence analyst, I can't help but breathe a huge sigh of frustration. The special AI “task forces” and their massive budgets are great, but it's time to get honest about the rest of the military.
Ask any every day soldier, sailor, airman or Marine their opinion of how things run on a daily basis and you will hear complaints about pay, lost orders or awards, broken gear, outdated software or perhaps the blue screen of death that happens when Outlook is open alongside too many websites.
Bottom line: all those flashy AI algorithms being touted as perfect for federal use are not going to run on the outdated infrastructure on which a majority of the military still operates.