3D printing rocket engines in SPAIN


FADA CATEC is supporting Zero 2 Infinity (Z2I) in the development of a new generation of rocket engines. This March, FADA CATEC has successfully 3D printed a combustion chamber for Zero 2 Infinity's Bloostar engine. 3D printing the engine entails a dramatic reduction in cost, environmental impact, production time, and mass.

Z2I is thrilled to have the support of FADA-CATEC technologies' and its professionals and is looking forward to working closely with them. The plans of the companies include using artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks to optimize the cooling of the thrust chamber via structures that cannot be manufactured by any other means.

Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales, founder and CEO of Zero 2 Infinity, praised the benefits of 3D printing: "Traditional rockets have had straight cooling channels because that's all that could be manufactured. When you put a flashlight in your ear, you see a wonderful tree-like structure of blood vessels. We don't have straight rows of blood vessels in our ears. 3D printing and AI now allow rockets to evolve, like nature."