New tech will use virtual reality to help EOD 'see' mine threats on the battlefield


Troops hunting hidden bombs or IEDs by hand often rely on upgraded metal detectors or a version of that technologystrapped to a ground robot. They must sweep the areas at a near-uniform speed and pattern and listen carefully for the right tone to sound to know if something is under the sand or in that pile of trash.
Researchers at the Army’sCommunications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center are in initial stages of developing technologythat will allow troops to strap on virtual reality goggles or monitor a tablet screen to see where the sensor detects a threat.
The novel handheld mine detection recently on display at CERDEC’s testing center in Fort Belvoir, Virginia included a soldier waving the detector over sand and the sensor then “painting” a digital picture on a nearby screen of what lies beneath the sand lane.