Riyadh Just Came Under Ballistic Missile Attack


Saudi Arabia's capital just came under ballistic missile attack, during which Patriot missile interceptors were launched to intercept. Although it looks like at least one Patriot hit one missile, a missile fragment, or even another missile itself, came careened into the ground, resulting in this amazing video:
The trajectory of the projectile as it approaches the ground is a bit puzzling, it almost looks like it is turning while under control, but it could just be the result of the intercept. Then there is this amazing video of the Patriot missile launches, and it looks like one missile either intercepted an incoming missile at very low altitude or detonated shortly after launch either by command or due to a failure.
We still don't know how many ballistic missiles were detected and engaged, or who fired them, but it was almost certainly Houthi rebels in western Yemen. The group has put Saudi Arabia under an increasing threat of missile barrage via ever more capable ballistic missiles that some claim are being provided at least in part by Iran.
Saudi Arabia has ordered a highly elaborate missile shield from the United States in recent months to help defend their territory these types of attacks.
Just three days ago an aircraft belonging to the Saudi-led coalition was shot down over Yemen by an improvised surface-to-air missilebelonging to the the rebel faction.