Russian hi-tech firm to develop electromagnetic shells and air bombs

YEREVAN, March 30. /TASS/. Russia’s Tecmash Research and Production Group (part of state hi-tech corporation Rostec) intends to develop projectiles for multiple launch rocket systems and air bombs that will disable enemy electronics with an electromagnetic impulse, Tecmash Deputy CEO Alexander Kochkin said at the ArmHiTec-2018 on Friday.
"This will be munitions’ filling. It will be possible to use it in tube artillery, multiple launch rocket systems and in aircraft-launched weapons," he said in response to a question from TASS about the company’s plans to create electromagnetic munitions.
Such work was carried out before, including by the Splav Research and Production Association (part of Tecmash, the developer of multiple launch rocket systems) but the Russian Defense Ministry did not support the project.
"So far, the customer is not placing an order with us for such work. They are content with the work on the ground-based and airborne electronic warfare means and the new state armaments program does not stipulate such R&D work. That is why, we are setting the task to develop such items of special designation on our own initiative," the Tecmash deputy chief executive said, adding that groundwork for these munitions had already been laid.
The company also plans to develop another type of special munitions for optical reconnaissance, he said.