Zodiac Milpro to demonstrate the Hurricane H1300

Stevensville, MD 22 MAR 18-Zodiac Milpro will be demonstrating the capabilities of the Zodiac Hurricane H1300 Interceptor at the Sea, Air, Space Conference April 9-11 in National Harbor, MD.
Zodiac Milpro is regarded as a global leader of military and professional Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) and inflatables for naval operations, search and rescue, border security, law enforcement and special applications.
The Zodiac Hurricane H1300 is a brand new platform designed as a high capacity, long range interdiction craft. Designed on a patented MACH 2 (Military Air Channeled Hull 2) stepped aluminum hull, this craft features dual consoles, reconfigurable deck spaces fore and aft, dive access doors, and advanced propulsion control/vessel positioning systems. The dual consoles are fitted with a removable roof, and foldable mast and windscreen to reduce transportation height. With the true RHIB design and high speed capability, the H1300 provides an excellent pursuit and boarding platform.
The H1300 is ready for full production as-is. All electronic components, engines, control systems, outfitting items, and deck layout may be changed at customer request. In addition, hull design changes can be considered to achieve mission specific payload/range/speed requirements.
Boat Features
  • Intercept speed-up to 61 knots
  • Range-up to 400 NM
  • Payload-8,800 lbs
  • Fuel capacity-505 gal
  • Maximum horsepower-up to 4×400 HP
  • Durarib foam collar with auto inflation
  • Aft quarter dive door
  • Triple or quadruple propulsion packages available