Brazilian Army reveals ASTROS II MK3M final delivery

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The Brazilian Army will receive the last batch of ASTROS II MK3M self-propelled multiple rocket launching (MRL) system vehicles in October, the service told Jane’s . This fourth order will be comprised of eight vehicles.

Modernisation of 38 MK2/MK3 vehicles comprising six 6x6 AV-LMU launchers, three 6x6 AV-RMD re-supply vehicles, two 6x6 AV-UCF fire control vehicles, one 6x6 AV-OFVE mobile workshop, one 4x4 AV-PCC command-and-control post, and one 4x4 AV-MET weather station fielded by the three batteries of 6th Missiles and Rockets Group (6º GMF) of Formosa, was awarded to Avibras in 2013. It includes a new protected cabin for existing Mercedes-Benz trucks, communications, navigation systems, multi-function displays, new antennas, and a messaging system and tactical computers.