DSA 2018: China's Norinco reveals Fire Dragon 280A tactical missile


The China North Industries Corporation (Norinco) has revealed the development of the Fire Dragon 280A Tactical Missile for use by its AR3 multiple launch rocket system (MLRS).

A photograph of a Norinco brochure showing the Fire Dragon 280A 750 mm tactical missile.Photo by: IHS Markit/Gabriel Dominguez
This 750 mm-diameter missile is not only larger than the previous largest munition available to the AR3 – the 370 mm Fire Dragon 280 guided rocket – but also has a 10 km-longer range (290 km), according to the company.
“The 7.38 m-long missile, which completed development trials in 2017, is fitted with a 480 kg high-explosive blast/fragmentation warhead that uses pre-formed fragments,” a company spokesperson told Jane’s at the 16-19 Defence Services Asia 2018 (DSA 2018) exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.