IDF Claims Downed Iranian UAV "Armed With Explosives"

An Iranian made drone

The Israeli Defense Forces announced Friday that their probe of the Iranian drone that intercepted the country's airspace in February showed that it was allegedly carrying explosives and programmed to attack Israel.
"After flight path analysis & an operational & intelligence-based investigation of the Iranian UAV that infiltrated Israeli airspace on 2.10.2018, the IDF concluded that the Iranian UAV was armed with explosives & was tasked to attack Israel," the IDF stated in a Twitter post.
The incident took place on February 10: according to the Israeli army, its helicopter had intercepted an Iranian drone launched from Syria. As they have specified, it triggered the Israeli Air Force (IAF) to strike alleged Iranian targets in Syria.
Responding to the Israeli attack, the Syrian air defense systems fired down the Israeli F-16 aircraft. Both crew members — a pilot and navigator — managed to eject before the plane crashed in northern Israel.