Iran vows to upgrade military hardware to nullify "threats"

Iran vows to upgrade military hardware to nullify "threats" ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday said that the armed forces of Islamic republic should be equipped with the state-of-arts hardware in the face of regional and international threats.
Rouhani also hailed the army's "peaceful" role in the region as the country celebrated the National Army Day.
Iran's defense program has a peaceful nature and the Islamic republic has no intention to invade other countries, Rouhani said in a ceremony to mark the event.
Rouhani blamed foreign forces for the cause of insecurity in the region. "The invaders have nested in our region and have illegitimate presence," he said.
"They (the west) invade the other country in the region without licence from the United Nations," he said in a reference to the recent U.S.-led aggression on Syria under the pretext of Syrian army's alleged use of chemical weapons.
"In a context where big powers use the terrorist groups as their tools in the region, we need to equip our armed forces with deterrent means," he added.
To secure its territory, Iran will increase its deterrent power, and the country will not wait for any permission to produce the defensive weapons it needs, said Rouhani.
Iran's neighbors should be assured that the defensive power of Iran is not a threat to them, he said, adding that Iran's regional policy is based on friendly relationship with its neighbors.
In Tehran, different units of Iranian army staged parades in the ceremony to show the latest Iranian military achievements, especially those in missile and radar technology.
The home-grown missile systems of Kamin-2, Tabas and Sayyad, as well as air defense systems of S-300 and S-200, radar systems, tanks, armored vehicles were among the military hardware on show.
In the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman, a parade of Iranian warships and destroyers was also held by Iran's Navy forces.
Chief of Staff of Iran Armed Forces, as well as Air Force, and Navy, and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) commanders attended the ceremony in Tehran.
The Iranian army was speeding up its combat readiness and defense power by demonstrating a good spirit of cooperation between various armed forces, Chief of Staff of Iran Armed Forces Major General Hossein Baqeri said.
The Iranian army has demonstrated a good spirit of cooperation with other branches of armed forces in the country, Baqeri said.
The Army Day is a reminiscent of the glorious moment in which the Islamic republic of Iran Army was established 40 years ago with the aim of protecting the country's independence and territorial integrity, he said.
The army continues to observe all regional moves of the enemies and continues to boost its defensive power against the threats, he said.
Baqeri said that the army and the Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), as two strong defense wings of the Iranian nation, will not allow the country's clever strategy of resistance to be affected by the evil and adventurous thoughts of the United States and its western and Arab allies.
The armed forces need to further upgrade their preparedness in proportionate to the changing threats by the enemies, he added.
On Wednesday, Iran's defense minister left Tehran to Iraqi capital of Baghdad to exchange views with the country's senior officials on bilateral security cooperation as well as the most recent regional developments, especially the Syria situation, Press TV reported.
One of his trip's main objectives is to enhance military cooperation between the two countries, Brigadier General Amir Hatami said upon arrival at Baghdad International Airport for a two-day visit.
Hatami said that he would also discuss last week's U.S.-led missile attacks against Syria with Iraqi officials.