Turkey upgrades M60A3 in addition to M60T

Turkey is upgrading its M60A3 main battle tanks, in addition to M60Ts, Ismail Demir, Undersecretary for Defense Industries (SSM), tweeted on 1 April.
An SSM infographic shows the details of the Turkish upgrade of the M60A3.Photo by: SSM
The upgraded M60Ts were first seen in a Turkish-Iraqi exercise in September 2017.
Images taken on the Turkish side of the border during Operation ‘Olive Branch’ against Kurdish fighters in the Afrin region of northwestern Syria in mid-February show M60Ts equipped with laser warning receivers, situational awareness systems, and remotely operated weapon stations forming part of an indigenous upgrade package.
An infographic accompanying Demir's tweet also shows the upgrade includes additional spall liners and an electrical system.