Turkish armored vehicles showcased in Senegal


Vehicles will be used in fight against terrorism and organized crime, says Senegale Lt. Gen. Cheikh Gueye

Turkish armored vehicles showcased in Senegal


The Senegalese army showcased its military vehicles produced by Turkish defense industry on its Independence Day. 

Senegal's army displayed 25 recently purchased 4x4 armored vehicles called Ejder Yalcin and four riot control vehicles called Ejder TOMA for the first time during the Independence Day parade in the capital Dakar.

Chief of Defense Staff, Lt. Gen. Cheikh Gueye, in an interview with Anadolu Agency said the army, in its attempt to strengthen its defense system and facilitate the fight against terrorism, were showing a preference for Turkish weapons, vehicles, and techniques. 

"Turkish products have an optimal quality and a fair price in the field of vehicles and accessories," said Gueye.

"These vehicles will be used in operational areas as part of the combat against terrorism and organized crimes. The Ejder Yalcin and Ejder TOMA have increased the capacity of our defense forces, they are very well suited to the modern warfare demands of the defense forces." 

Gueye also raised the possibility of increasing military cooperation between Senegal and Turkey, which could lead to the purchase of additional types of products.

"It is common to see Turkish defense industry equipment in many African countries," he said. 

The Ejder Yalcın weighs 14 tons and provides protection against explosives. It can accommodate up to 11 personnel in times of emergency and can carry loads of up to four tons. It can reach speeds of 120 kilometers per hour.

The riot control Ejder TOMA vehicle can reach speeds of 110 kph and can carry five tons of water.