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Type 31 design selected, vessel to be built in France

A Royal Navy Hazard Boat

The design for the Type 31 has been selected, with the vessel to be built in France and suited to moving passengers when not in MoD service.

P&O Ferries have signed a £360m contract for the two smallest frigates ever to be constructed for the Royal Navy. The new vessels were specifically designed for the Dover-Calais route and were built to Lloyd’s Register‘Green Passport’ which provides a cradle to grave strategy for all materials used.

Instead of armament, the vessels will feature additional seating for extra passengers, part of the MoD’s plan to rent out the vessels to ferry companies when not in use.

The vessels are to be environmentally friendly, offering significant advances in fuel efficiency through a hydro-dynamically efficient hull form that optimise vessel performance with minimum fuel consumption.

The vessels are the first in the world to comply with the new International Maritime Organization “Safe Return to Port” requirements ahead of the international compliance date. These rules require that, in the event of a ship becoming a casualty, basic services are provided to all persons on board and that certain systems remain operational for safe return to port. Performance standards are reportedly stipulated for a wide range of ship systems including fire-fighting, power supply, propulsion, steering and navigation.

A spokesman said:

“Type 31 will definitely go in the water.”