Belarus showcases MM-60 rocket launcher

Belarusian company BSVT-VV has completed development of its MM-60 multipurpose rocket launcher and has already attracted interest from a number of Asia Pacific countries, a company representative told Jane's.
The disposable MM-60 rocket launcher is designed to defeat troops under cover, lightly armoured vehicles and structures, and comprises a digital sighting system (DSS) and a containerised multipurpose rocket-propelled grenade (RPG).
The MM-60 seen in its new vehicle-mounted, four-barrelled rocket launcher configuration.Photo by: Nikolai Novichkov
The DSS features modern optoelectronics – including a laser rangefinder, a ballistic computer, and an inertial measurement unit – and proprietary targeting software which is designed to increase accuracy. The sight also incorporates an airburst function, enabling the user to engage troops behind cover.