French VBMR-L set for 2019 rollout

The first 4x4 Vehicule Blinde Multi-Role-Light (VBMR-L) vehicles developed by Nexter Systems for the French Army will be completed in 2019, with an initial operating capability (IOC) expected in 2021.
The company is currently developing three variants of the VBMR-L: 10 vehicles configured for armoured patrol missions – operated by a two-person crew and carrying eight dismounts – expected to be qualified in 2021, as well four communications and three reconnaissance vehicles scheduled to be qualified in 2022 and 2023 respectively.
A scale model of the VBML-R seen fitted with roof-mounted remote weapon station, acoustic detection system, situational awareness system, and counter-IED equipment.Photo by: Christopher F Foss
The VBMR-L will have a conventional layout with the power pack at the front, commander and driver to the immediate rear, and troop/mission area extending to the rear.