Konstrukta Defence unveils new 8×8 Eva self-propelled gun system

Slovakia’s Joint-Stock Company Konstrukta Defence has showcased the new 8×8 variant of its Eva 155/52 mm calibre self-propelled gun-howitzer, which is also known by its export designation of Truck Mounted Gun (TMG).
The latest 8×8 TMG – which is jointly developed by Konstrukta Defence and Czech firms Czechoslovak Group (CSG) and Tatra Trucks from 2017 – is a redesign of the previous 6×6 TMG which was unveiled in 2015.
Crew cabin of the 8×8 155/52 mm calibre Eva truck-mounted gun, showing the gunner's console.Photo by: Miroslav Gyürösi
The vehicle measures 11.5 m long, 2.7 m wide, and 3.28 m tall with the ordnance stowed for transport. The 28-tonne vehicle, which is air-transportable by large tactical airlifters such as the Airbus A400M and Ilyushin IL-76, is operated by a crew of three.