New UAVs completing Russian state testing

Russia is testing and may soon procure four new types of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including its first heavy strike UAV, according to Deputy Defence Minister Yury Borisov.
Deputy Defence Minister Yury Borisov has said the MoD could complete testing of the Altius, Russia’s first heavy strike UAV, in 2018.Photo by: Russian MoD
Borisov, who is believed to be in line to become deputy prime minister for defence industry in the new Russian Federation government, made the announcement in a 5 May interview on Russian military television network Zvezda.
Two new tactical UAVs were displayed in the 9 May victory day parade in Moscow. Korsar has a reported 200 kg take-off weight, 6,000 m ceiling, and 160 km combat radius, with an endurance of 10 hours.