Putin lauds Russian military’s top-notch combat readiness as guarantee for global balance

MOSCOW, May 31. /TASS/. The Russian army’s combat capability guarantees the protection of Russia’s interests and maintains the global balance, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated during a ceremony devoted to officers promoted to higher military ranks.
"Our armed forces' utmost combat capability, their modern equipment, and, most importantly, the courage and bravery of Russian soldiers and officers, ensure the protection of Russia’s sovereignty and freedom, its national interests and security, and guarantee global peace and balance on the planet," Putin stated.
The Russian leader also set out the priorities for military construction, noting that they have already been discussed during recent meetings with military generals and army representatives in Sochi.
"We are talking about strengthening the nuclear triad, improving the weapon arsenal of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Russian Navy, and steadily developing all types of forces," he specified. Putin also stressed that "special attention should be paid to the military training of units and subdivisions."