Putin: Russia rightly among global arms market leaders

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated all the participants in the festive gathering devoted to the 65th anniversary of creating the system of state governance of Russia’s military and technical cooperation with foreign countries, according to the telegram posted on the Kremlin’s website on Friday.
As the Russian leader stressed, Russia is rightly one of the global arms market leaders.
"Today Russia is rightly among the leaders on the global arms market. Our companies are successfully building up their order book and expanding the geography of deliveries," Putin said.
As the Russian leader noted, over the past years, the system of state governance of military and technical cooperation has proven its efficiency and "has become a key instrument of Russian foreign policy" and national security provision and "a significant factor of developing science-intensive sectors of the domestic economy."
"The effective sale of military products is largely crucial for replenishing the federal budget, modernizing the defense and industrial sector and, therefore, crucial for the stable development of enterprises and whole cities, the well-being of dozens of thousands of people," the head of the Russian state said, noting that the foundation of the defense sector’s potential had been laid by many scientists, designers, engineers, organizers and specialists.