Army considers new lightweight, maneuverable battle tank to change land war

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:
Long-range precision fire, coordinated air-ground assault, mechanized force-on-force armored vehicle attacks and drone threats are all changing so quickly that maneuvering U.S. Army infantry now needs improved firepower from battle tanks to advance on major adversaries in war, Army leaders explain.
The Army is now evaluating industry proposals in anticipation of awarding developmental deals by next year – with prototypes to follow shortly thereafter. The service’s request to industry described the Mobile Protected Firepower program as seeking to “provide IBCTs with direct-fire, long-range and cyber resilient capability for forcible early-entry operations.”
The effort intends to find the optimal blend of lethality, mobility and survivability. Senior Army leaders, however, do say that the new MPF will be more survivable and superior than its Russian equivalent.