Eurosatory 2018: Exavision Nemosys-XR provides military camp protection in africa

EXAVISION has been selected by French integrators to provide NEMOSYS-XR for military camps protection in Africa, military airbases surveillance and Counter-UAV projects in France, the French SME announced during Eurosatory 2018.

NEMOSYS-XR™ is a modular range of optronic solutions integrated on a 2-axis Pan&Tilt, that comes with a Full HD color camera, a Made in France cooled (Band II MWIR) thermal camera, and complementary options (GPS, DMC, LRF …) allowing long range observation and surveillance for day and night purposes. NEMOSYS-XR™ has been developed and designed to provide customers with robust, easy to use and performing solution for critical infrastructure surveillance.
NEMOSYS-XR™ solution is the result of EXAVISION experience in designing video supervision systems (linked to radar detection and non-lethal effectors) dedicated to sensitive area protection as borders and coastal surveillance, military camps protection, ports and airports, petrochemical and nuclear industries…
EXAVISION has been recently selected by several integrators to provide NEMOSYS-XR for: 
- Military airbase surveillance, for French Air Force end users, 
- Military camps protection in Africa, for international armed forces, 
- Counter UAV application, for long range applications. 
With the supply of the Electro-Optical Systems, and associated to the Slue-to-Cue field proven algorithms, EXAVISION has developed a new digital image processing tracking function, adapted for Ground/Ground and Ground/Air target automatic positioning and tracking.
Loïc Himmesoete, Defence Account Manager at EXAVISION, claims, “These projects present EXAVISION as a leading supplier of multi-sensor solutions designed for high value-added projects, with performing, reliable and competitive systems”.