Eurosatory 2018: Mantis light tactical vehicle unveiled by Carmor


Mantis light tactical vehicle unveiled by Carmor ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Israel’s Carmor unveiled an example of its Mantis family of tactical light armoured vehicles at this month’s Eurosatory exhibition.
Designed to provide frontline units “with a high-end, multirole platform for a variety of missions”, Carmor describes the Mantis as “the ultimate fusion of operational considerations to enable improved survivability, lethality, and mobility”.
As Eitan Zait, Carmor CEO, put it to Jane’s on 11 June regarding the Mantis, “We haven’t invented anything, but we’ve optimised everything.”
Featuring a blast-resistant monocoque chassis with a mission/powerpack module bolted onto its rear, the Mantis shown at Eurosatory was in a pick-up configuration that allows a variety of armament or payload options, such as a .50-calibre machine gun, 25/30 mm cannon, missile system, mortar system, or mini-unmanned aerial vehicle launch system.