Eurosatory 2018: Nammo unveils ramjet-assisted artillery round concept

Norwegian munition manufacturer Nammo revealed at Eurosatory that it is developing a ramjet-assisted, INS/GPS-guided round for 155 mm L52 artillery pieces that will extend the range of precision fires out to 100 km and beyond.
Presenting the concept at the show on 12 June, Thomas Danbolt, Nammo’s vice-president for large-calibre ammunition programmes, noted that an artillery system with a 100 km range could effectively cover an area of 31,415 km 2 , offering much more versatility and perhaps transforming the way artillery batteries can be employed in theatre.
A model of Nammo’s concept for a ramjet-assisted 155 mm artillery round, which was unveiled at Eurosatory on 12 June.Photo by: IHS Markit/Peter Felstead
Nammo’s new 155 mm round is built around a compact solid-fuel ramjet that is initiated after the round is fired.