Eurosatory 2018: SVOS reveals Perun Light Strike vehicle

The 4x4 Perun Light Strike vehicle has been acquired by the Czech Army Special Forces. Source: Michal Zdobinsky
Czech company SVOS Armoured Vehicles has unveiled the finalised version of its 4x4 Perun special operations vehicle (SOV), which was developed to address the specific requirements of the Czech Army’s elite 601st Special Forces Group based in Prostejov.
Called the Perun Light Strike, the four-wheel drive, five-seat vehicle is based on the newly developed two-axle SVOS chassis. The standard chassis has a steerable front axle, but a version with steerable front and rear axles for improved manoeuvrability is also available.
The vehicle has a length of 6.03 m, a width of 2.3 m, and a height of 2.6 m – with a 3.8 m wheelbase and 1.97 m track width – excluding the spare wheel and roof accessories.
The powerpack comprises a 6Y 106 TD21 six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with an output of 240 kW at 2,200 rpm, producing a maximum torque of 1,300 Nm at the 1,200-1,600 rpm range, which is coupled to a 6 HP 602 S+ six-speed automatic gearbox and enables the vehicle to reach a maximum road speed of 110 km/h and range of 700 km. The company claims that it can accelerate to 80 km/h within 30 seconds.
The basic version of the vehicle will be equipped with 395/85 R20 run-flat tires and features a central tire inflation system. Ground clearance can be adjusted from 315 to 415 mm within 90 seconds even when the vehicle is travelling.
The vehicle can negotiate a 22° side slope and can cross a 0.85 m wide trench, and is also able to overcome obstacles up to 0.55 m in height. It can also ford waters up to 1.2 m deep without preparation, although this can be increased to 1.5 m if a raised engine air intake is installed.