Low-power narrowband embedded radio modem for data transmission and telemetry

Low-power narrowband embedded radio modem for data transmission and telemetry


FAIRPORT, N.Y. – Electronics distributor Saelig Co. Inc. in Fairport, N.Y., is introducing the Circuit Design SLR-434M compact, low-power, narrowbandembedded radio modem operating in the 434 MHz ISM band for data transmission, telemetry, control in buildings, water level and dam monitoring, and tunnel and bridge condition monitoring.

The modem incorporates LoRa technology to achieve extremely long range for low bit-rate data with low power. The SLR-434M's receiving sensitivity enables communication into areas once considered difficult for RF to penetrate, and making it possible to transmit 1,800 feet or more. The SLR-434M is also switchable to accommodate conventional FSK communication.

The SLR-434M can transmit data or operate in simple control systems using Circuit Design's dedicated command protocol from an external CPU or PC via an RS232 or COMport interface. The SLR-434M can process eight I/O switching signals.

With as much as 10 milliwatts of RF output power from the SMA connector, the SLR-434M can be used in simplex or duplex mode on 137 channels. It operates from a 3.5-to-5-volt power, consuming less than 30 milliamps when transmitting.

Its low power consumption makes battery operation possible with this sturdy 1.6-by-1.2-by 0.25-inch module.

The TB-SLR-RS2 is an RS232 interface board for experimenting with the SLR-434M module. The built-in DB9 connector allows quick connection to the COM port of PC or PLC. The board is equipped with transmit/receive LED, a power supply terminal, main switch and an interface to sub boards.

The module can be used with a coax extension cable to allow optimum placement of the antenna according to the environment. The SLR-434M is made by Circuit Design, a Japanese low power radio product design and manufacturing company.