Russian Caspian corvettes enter Mediterranean


Russia’s Caspian Flotilla has deployed two long-range missile corvettes to the Mediterranean, its Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed on 17 June.

A still from a video released by the Russian MoD on 19 August 2016 shows a Kalibr cruise missile being launched from a Buyan-M at a target in Syria.Photo by: Russian Ministry of Defence
The Buyan-M (Project 21631) corvettes Veliki Ustyug and Grad Sviyazhskwere photographed by ship-watchers in Istanbul passing through the Bosphorous towards the Mediterranean on 16 June.
The MoD statement released two days later said the ships had reached the Mediterranean, where they will be part of Russia’s permanent naval presence.
Both ships have served with the Caspian Flotilla since they were commissioned in 2014 and went into action for the first time in October 2015, when they launched Kalibr cruise missiles at targets in Syria.