Russian defense contractor to overhaul eight strategic bombers by end of 2018

MOSCOW, June 29. /TASS/. The Tupolev company will overhaul eight strategic bombers Tupolev-160 and Tupolev-95MS by the end of this year, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Friday.
"By the end of this year eight such planes are to be overhauled. This will prolong their life cycle and enhance combat capabilities," Shoigu said in a distance conference.
The missile-carrying planes are a crucial component of Russia’s nuclear triad and it is essential to carry out their top-notch upgrade on time, Shoigu said.
Tupolev-160 is a strategic bomber capable of carrying nuclear cruise missiles. In 2015 the decision was announced to resume the upgraded configuration of these bombers - Tupolev-160M2. The Defense Ministry said their serial production would begin in 2023. The Aerospace Force is to acquire no fewer than 50 such planes.
The strategic bomber Tupolev-95MS is meant for attacking crucial targets in remote areas and deep inside continental theaters of military operations with nuclear missiles.