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Russia’s advanced Protivnik-GE mobile 3D surveillance radar enters service in Volga area

Protivnik-GE mobile 3D surveillance radar ile ilgili görsel sonucu

SAMARA, June 27. /TASS/. Russia’s fifth-generation Protivnik-GE mobile 3D surveillance radar has entered service with air defense regiments headquartered in the Volga area region of Samara, a spokesperson for Russia’s Central Military District told TASS on Tuesday.
"A fifth-generation multipurpose mobile radar, Protivnik-GE, has entered service with air defense units in the Samara region. This radar station is the first of its kind in the Volga area," the source said.
The Protivnik-GE radar is a highly mobile, jamming-proof decimetric surveillance radar with a track data processing capability.
Featuring digital phased array and digital space-time signal processing, the radar is designed to automatically or semi-automatically detect, position, and track strategic and tactical aircraft, cruise missiles, ballistic targets and small-size low-speed aerial vehicles. It can also classify targets, conduct friend-or-foe identification, locate active jammers, as well as to generate radar data for direction of fighter aircraft and designation data for surface-to-air missile systems when operating as part of automated Air Defence and Air Force command-and-control systems.