‘SILENT HUNTER’ - Chinese laser gun DOWNS drone from 300 meters away

The defence manufacturing company showcased a counter-drone laser weapon system at a military exhibition in Kazakhstan, in a pledge to show the world the growing market for anti-drone defence.
The company said its cutting-edge laser gun called Silent Hunter could be deployed either by police for counter-terrorism or the military for air defence.
At last week’s International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment in Kazakhstan, Silent Hunter aimed laser beams at a drone flying 300 meters away and downed it instantly.
The laser weapon is capable of intercepting small-sized aerial targets such as drones.
Its developers said drones had become easier to obtain and could be used to launch terror attacks, meaning police worldwide were in need of tools like Silent Hunter to intercept or bring them down.
According to Asia Times, the firm claimed the portable laser gun can also be used by air defence forces on stationary or moving vehicles and naval vessels.
There is also a civilian version with reduced laser power to prevent the communication systems of drones.
The anti-UAV system may be more popular among privacy enthusiasts or celebrities worried about drones taking pictures of them inside their homes.