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What’s going on with America’s next fighter designs?

WASHINGTON ― America is developing a pair of two new high-tech fighter aircraft, and you probably haven’t heard much about them. Under the leadership of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, the Pentagon has clamped down on talking about cutting-edge capabilities in development, citing concerns about giving potential foes too much information. Nevertheless, some details have emerged about the ongoing programs, one each from the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy. And inlight of European plans for new fighter designs, it is worth revisiting what is, and isn’t, known about the American efforts. In 2016, the U.S. Air Force unveiled its “Air Superiority 2030” study, which posited that although the service would need a new air superiority fighter jet — called Penetrating Counter Air — as soon as the 2030s, it would be just as important that the new plane fit into a "family of systems” of space,cyber, electronic warfareand other enabling technologies. “When you look at — through the lens of the netw…

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Eurosatory 2018 Carmor Mantis Piranha 3 Bridge layer Sniper Rifle ASR 308 Aeronautics UAVs

Eurosatory 2018, the Land and Airland Defence & Security Exhibition in Paris (France) is an opportunity for many Defense Companies from all over the world to showcase new products including combat vehicles, UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle and weapon system. In video report part 2, Army Recognition editorial team with its online Defense and Security Web TV has covered all the new military products launched at Eurosatory 2018. Summary of this video: 00:19 General Dynamics European Land Systems GDELS new Piranha IIIC bridge layer 8x8 armored vehicle 01:49 ATA Arms from Turkey presents its Sniper Rifle ASR 308 at Eurosatory 2018 03:10 Israeli Company Carmor introduces its Mantis 4x4 light combat vehicle at Eurosatory 2018 06:26 Aeronautics Group from Israel presents its full range of UAVs solutions at Eurosatory 2018