Russian reconciliation center: tanks and mortars surrendered by militants in Syria

Russian reconciliation center: tanks and mortars surrendered by militants in Syria ile ilgili görsel sonucu

MOSCOW, July 15. /TASS/. Three tanks, six mortars, two anti-aircraft guns and a large amount of munitions were surrendered during the day by armed opposition groups in the Syrian city of Daraa, chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties in Syria Alexei Tsygankov said on Sunday.
"Disarmament of armed opposition groups continues. Thus, during the past day, militants of illegal armed groups surrendered three tanks, two armored infantry carriers, two anti-aircraft guns, six mortars and a great number of various munitions," he said.
Russian military police continues to secure law and order in the settlements of al-Rastan and Tell Bisa where they deployed observation posts and continue their patrolling mission.
The Russian reconciliation center delivered humanitarian assistance to the families of 15 Syrian servicemen who were killed by militants. More than 70 kilograms of food products were delivered to the city of Aleppo for these purposes.
A total of 103 Syrians returned to their homes in Eastern Ghouta throughout the day. In all, as mane as 72,296 civilians have returned to the area by now. As many as 176 civilians left the area via the Kafer Chams checkpoint.
Ten Syrians, including six children, received medical assistance from Russian military doctors.
Russian reconciliation center
The Russian reconciliation center continues to fulfill assigned tasks after the completion of the military campaign in Syria. The center’s officers regularly travel around the country's liberated areas to assess the humanitarian situation. The main efforts of the Russian military are now focused on assistance to the refugees returning to their homes and evacuation of civilians from de-escalation zones.