TAI shows off Hurjet light-attack mock-up


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Turkish Aerospace Industries is showing for the first time a full-size mock-up of its planned Hurjet light attack/advanced jet trainer aircraft.
Although previous renderings of the aircraft had indicated a twin-engined design, the mock-up shows just a single powerplant.
Dominic Perry/FlightGlobal
It features a single vertical tail and six weapon stores on the wings. It is 13.4m (44ft) long, with a wingspan of 11m.
The Farnborough display includes indigenous weaponry, including Roketsan's UMTAS anti-tank missile and Teber and HGK guided bombs.
Dominic Perry/FlightGlobal
Ankara intends to procure around 70 examples of the single-engined type to replace its air force's fleet of Northrop T-38s.
However, TAI says production may increase if additional light attack aircraft are required by its home nation or export customers.
The company says the aircraft will have a payload of around 3,000kg (6,610lb) and a top speed of Mach 1.2. No details of the engine or other suppliers have yet been given.
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