Thales Nederland in Hengelo: SMART-L MM, NS200 radars and factory tour


Navy Recognition had the chance to tour the Thales sie of Hengelo in the Netherlands. The site specializes in radar systems. During our visit we were able to discover the latest Thales radar systems for the naval field: The SMART-L MM and the NS 200. SMART -L Multi Mission (MM/N), is a next generation Long Range Multi Mission Radar for Air and Space Surveillance and Ballistic Missile Detection. The fully digitally controlled Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) type of radar, applying GaN transmitter and Dual Axis Multibeam receiver technology, is capable of detecting a very wide variety of air and space objects including stealth, short up to long range ballistic missiles and space objects. The applied high-end techniques result in a radar with an unrivalled long range performance of up to 2000 km The NS 200 radar is the latest member of the S-band AESA radar family. Thales is the first company to introduce a family of S-band AESA radars based upon the Dual axis multi-beam processing. This results in significantly increased situational awareness to deal with newest threats in the littoral environment. The combination of Dual axis multi-beam and AESA technology in the NS100 creates Multi-capability radar suitable for use across a wide range of naval ships, today and in the future.