Welcome to the modern military: China’s new combat units prepare for electronic warfare

BEIJING – Thousands of fresh graduates of new combat units from the People’s Liberation Army – China’s military – have begun a week-long drill in electronic warfare, experts say. The South China Morning Post reports. Continue reading original article
The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:
The war games, which started on Monday and test electronic warfare (EW) reconnaissance, electronic communications, cyber security, air strikes and other battle skills, are aimed at increasing ground troops’ understanding of modern warfare, and fostering new strategic ground force commanders after a sweeping PLA overhaul.
More than 50 combat units involving about 2,100 officers are taking part at five training bases. They include airborne troops, special forces and electronic warfare experts from ground forces from the Eastern, Western, Northern, Southern and Central command theaters, according to official social media accounts.
The combat units were made up almost entirely of new graduates and military officers from the surveillance troops, information security force, cyber warriors, special fighting troops and a strike team from the army’s aviation unit, the ground force said on its WeChat account.