Israel Unveils Updated Armored Command Vehicle And Will Give Merkava Tank Crews X-Ray Vision


The Mk IV Barak will also have improved network connectivity, allowing the vehicle to share a much broad array of information and do so rapidly. There will also be a new artificial intelligence-assistedmission computer to reduce the workloads for individual crew members, help them sift through sensor data and other information faster, and otherwise speed up the decision making and targeting processes.
“The mission computer will be like a fifth crew member, which will improve processes in the cabin,” an IDF officer, identified only as Lieutenant Colonel Schachar for security reasons, told Jane’s in July 2018. “It’s designed to understand the situation and activate multiple touchscreens accordingly. This will form an inseparable part of the ability to conduct combat operations in closed, urban spaces.”
Given the heavily networked nature of the Mk IV Baraks, Ofek could serve as a vital communications conduit and relay for other data between the tanks other forces, including those on the groundin the air, or at sea. Adding AI-enabled mission systems and improved data links to the command and control vehicle could improve the flow of vital information, as well.
If nothing else, the latest iteration of Ofek, along with the Merkava Mk IV Barak, show that the entire family of armored vehicles still has a lot of growth potential left. It will be interesting to see how the designs continue to evolve and what new missions they might take on in the future.