Kremlin wants soldiers in Iron Man armour


The powered armour would allow soldiers to fire an assault rifle with one hand
Russian soldiers in future wars will be able to fire assault rifles accurately using only one hand, according to the head of a Russian defence contractor developing powered suits.
“We have already held trials for the prototype of the active exoskeleton. It really enhances physical abilities,” Oleg Faustov, head of the project at Russia’s Tsniitochmash defence company, said. He added that a tester had fired an assault rifle one-handed.
The powered exoskeleton, which resembles a suit from the Iron Man films, will allow soldiers to carry more supplies and move more quickly, Mr Faustov told the Tass news agency.
Russia has put great effort into modernising its ageing armed forces and pursuing entirely new weapons and technologies to ensure Moscow’s military stays competitive. Mr Faustov…