Top 10 military innovations novelties Russian defense industry Army-2018 Moscow Region Russia


Editorial team of Army Recognition Defense and Security present the top 10 military innovation of the Russian defense industry at Army-2018 International Military Technical Forum in the Patriotic Park Expo, Moscow Region, Russia. Summary of this video: 00:35 BMP-1AM Basurmanin based on BMP-1 tracked IFV fitted with BTR-82A turret armed with 30mm automatic cannon 00:54 New T-90M also nicknamed Proryv-3, upgrade of T-90M with new armour and remotely operated weapon station 01:33 Listva 15M107 remote-controlled demining based on BPM-97 6x6 armored vehicle chassis 02:00 Russian-made Kronshtadt Group Orion-E MALE (medium-altitude long-endurance) UAS Unmanned Aerial System 03:29 Kalashnikov Group project of military engineer and combat tasks robot 04:04 Russian Company Technica SL-STS Sarma Special Forces 4x4 all-terrain vehicle 05:01 RADA MMS BVSVT 500 coaxial drone helicopter and small drone helicopter 06:40 UBIM tracked engineer armoured vehicle based on T-90 main battle tank 08:14 Kamaz-5350 Patrol 4x4 combat armoured vehicle fitted with mine rollers and operated by remote control 08:39 New Buk-M3 Viking medium-range air defense missile system with it new radar able to track and engage up to 36 targets simultaneously.