DX Korea 2018: Hanwha unveils electromagnetic launch system development

South Korea defence prime Hanwha Corporation has unveiled plans to develop an electromagnetic launch system (EMLS) for surface-to-air missiles (SAM) at the 2018 edition of the DX Korea land forces exhibition in Goyang City.
According to company officials, the EMLS programme is an internally funded effort that commenced in 2016. It aims to mature the necessary techniques to provide an alternative to conventional hot launch processes, in which the missile combusts its own fuel to propel itself out of its canister and achieve the necessary velocity for aerodynamic flight.
The RoKAF operates the Cheongung M-SAM medium-range surface-to-air missile, which is expelled from its canister via cold launch techniques. Future missile launchers could benefit from electromagnetic launch technology, which promises safer and more efficient operation as well as improved missile performance.Photo by: RoKAF
Myungguen Song, a research engineer at Hanwha Defense Systems' Vehicle and Launcher Research and Development Center, told Jane's on 16 September that hot launching has several disadvantages.