South Korean army APC tanks tactical combat vehicles APC air defense artillery DX Korea 2018


Day 2 for Army Recognition editorial team at DX Korea 2018, Defense Exhibition near Seoul, South Korea. On this video we focus to the combat and military vehicles presented by the South Korean army (ROK) on static display. Summary of this video : 00:57 K2 Black Panther main battle tank 01:37 K1A1 main battle tank 02:19 K1 AVLB. Armored Bridgelayer based on K1 MBT chassis 02:51 K21 IF Infantry Fighting Vehicle base on tracked armored chassis 03:23 Recon Vehicle-II CBRN NRBC reconnaissance vehicle base on K200A1 tracked APC 04:06 K277A1 Command and control tracked armored vehicle base on K200A1 APC chassis 04:26 K239 Chunmo MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System 05:03 K9 Thunder 155mm self-propelled howitzer based on tracked chassis 05:32 K10 automatic ammunition resupply tracked armored vehicle 06:04 K-30 BiHo 30mm/missiles self-propelled anti-aircraft tracked armored vehicle 06:32 K-SAM Chunma or “Pegasus” is a self-propelled, short-range, supersonic surface-to-air missile system 07:03 K152 4x4 light tactical vehicle APC wheeled armored personnel carrier 07:54 K153 anti-tank wheeled armored vehicle with anti-tank weapon Hyun gung