China holds UGV competition with focus on autonomy, mobility

China's investment in and development of unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) technology is increasingly geared towards enhancing the autonomy and mobility of the platforms, as shown during this year's 'Crossing Obstacles' UGV competition.
A UGV in a six-triangular-track-wheeled configuration participating in the 'Crossing Obstacles 2018' UGV competition.Photo by: CCTV
Participating in the competition, which was held from 12 to 23 September at a training ground in Beijing's Changping District, were 61 'leading units' (14 military and political colleges, 26 private enterprises, 10 state-owned enterprises, and 11 research institutes) and 136 teams, said China's Ministry of National Defense (MND), pointing out that there were four categories and a total of 10 competition groups.
The aim of this year's contest, which saw a sharp rise in the number of participants, was to examine how the vehicles can navigate across extremely challenging terrain while simultaneously performing tasks.