In Russia introduced the drone “Falcon”

The main feature of the technology was the biological camouflage.
Recently Russia hosted the international military-technical forum “Army-2018”. At this event, and unveiled a new drone “Falcon”, which is similar to bird. Some characteristics of birds device is also received. The drone is equipped with a sound signal of the attack of a Falcon. However, the main feature of the novelties will be a biological camouflage. Testing of this unit began in 2013. By results of check it? After that, the device set the autopilot, navigation and camera.
Another feature is the pusher propeller with the wire coming from the motor, which is installed inside the tail section of the UAV. This feature gives you the ability much easier to operate the device at low speeds. To fly the device for 40 minutes and carry weight up to one kilogram. The apparatus can be used not only for military purposes but also for tracking the ornithological situation.